So it’s the thrilling end of the “In Too Deep” arc, and….it comes down to a game of baseball?!? Anyway, we pick up where “Barn Mates” left off as a Ruby has invaded from Homeworld. Actually, there are five Rubies, all of varying personality and of similar intelligence (read:  not a lot). It appears as if they are looking for Peridot.

To protect Peri, Garnet de-fuses into Ruby and Sapphire and Ruby tries to throw the other Rubies off the trail, but Steven comes into make a save and challenge them to a game of baseball against himself, “Earl” (Pearl), “Amy” (Amethyst), “Sophie” (Sapphire), and “Bob” (Lapis). Ruby will join the other Rubies as a catcher because who knows? Anyway, the Rubies have a 7-6 lead in the bottom of the 9th and it comes down to the worst player to this point, Sapphire, who’s been too busy flirting with her Ruby. Sapphire, though, hits a home run to win the game and come home to her Ruby—and fuse back into Garnet. Score that E2 and an E on the batter.

The other five Rubies fuse into a giant Ruby before Peridot comes out to fight, but it turns out the Rubies were searching for Jasper. Steven tells them she’s on Neptune, and the Rubies being as dumb as they are, pursue.

Forgive me if this strikes as an anti-climax. Of course, this was originally meant to be the start of the second half of Season Two, but Cartoon Network declared it the start of Season Three. The arc started strong, but wound up hitting into a 6-4-3 double play. Those who were expecting something more epic will wind up disappointed like [insert least favorite or perennially losing baseball team here] fans come October. (Writer’s Note: I’m a Chicago White Sox fan.)

There were some bright spots such as the humor—especially coming from Lapis and Amethyst, but this episode comes of as if they significantly borrowed from Space Jam and countless cartoons from the 60s, 70s, and 80s that had a random baseball episode because—random baseball episode. Heck, even The Real Ghostbusters had one of those. For the arc as whole, it started off with a double play on the bad guys and a home run, but it kind of ended up hitting into a 6-4-3 in the ninth to end the game.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • + Humor
  • + Lapis and Amethyst
  • –  Rubies are none-too-bright
  • –  Random baseball episode
  • –  Doesn’t stand out among baseball episodes of cartoons past.
  • –  Anti-climatic end to arc


  • Raffaele Lanza

    Ouch…. I still haven’t started to follow this show, but your latest not MLP reviews, are making me feeling like animation is not in its best form lately. First Gravity Falls ending, then LPS ending on a sour note, and now Steven Universe going throught several flat episodes and dropping in quality. And with no new interesting shows coming soon, it seems like a bad moment for animated serieses lately… Ah, I hope well for the last run of WOY, the SvsTFoE S2 and the rest of MLP S6…. Dan are you sure you don’t know any other current animated series worthy or inspiring upcoming ones?

    • Anonymous

      The Loud House is looking very promising. Also if you can stand the cheesy dialogue and writing Miraculous Ladybug isn’t terrible.

  • JodyMorgan

    I think you might be grading this a bit too much in the context of thinking it was supposed to be an epic finish to an epic storyline. Personally, I enjoyed how much of an anticlimax it was, though obviously that’s largely a matter of personal taste; setting that preference aside, I’d say it was an OK episode with a handful of great lines. (The exchange between Peridot and Steven when she asked how things were going was just perfect, and I enjoyed the interplay of the variously-incompetent Rubies.)