Steven Universe Merchandise Coming Soon

An announcement today came via Animation Magazine that Rebecca Sugar and multiple toy / collectible companies have come to an agreement for future production of Steven Universe merchandise, some which will be available for this upcoming holiday season.

Involved in the deal are…

Funko Toys: Available for this Holiday Season, Funko will be offering a line of Pop! vinyl figures of Steven & the Gems. Exclusive to Hot Topic (and of course 3rd party vendors on eBay & Amazon the day after).

Just Toys: Production of random novelties such as dog tags, fun packs, minis etc.

PhatMojo: Starting in the Spring of 2016 will launch an assortment of plushes as well as foam & plush weapons inspired by the show.

Zag Toys: Collectible mini figures & bobble heads.

Toy Factory: Plushes & assorted novelty times in 2017.

While we will attempt to keep track of this new merchandise, considering there’s a SU comic book we don’t even talk about (lack of people), we won’t make any promises.

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