Seems a Mobile RPG game will be coming out soon for the world of Steven Universe, as announced via the Crewniverse & Cartoon Network’s Twitter.

Coming Soon—- Steven Universe RPG: Attack the Light

Official Steven Universe Mobile RPG From Cartoon Network Games:

This #PAXPrime Steventhusiast is checking out #StevenUniverse #AttackTheLight, an awesome new mobile RPG coming soon from #CNGames!

And then after the break, thanks to an exclusive preview via ComicBoomResources, a 9 page preview of Steven Universe #2 from Boom! Studios, due out this Wednesday (September 3rd).

  • Anonymous

    FOR GOODNESS SAKE COBBLER. You lied to me! You’re still throwing s**t on MLP! STOP!

    • Anonymous

      I’m not joking Cobbler, go away and never show your face in any pony site, or I will continue to torment you. I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE.

    • “I will continue to torment you” Well no, you won’t. Rather you will stop harassing him immediately. This article has nothing to do with DaCobbler or ponies, and even if it had, we would not tolerate your insulting comments.

    • Anonymous

      Look Telofy, don’t get me wrong, I love your site, but if you really want to go better, maybe you should chose better affiliates. Roundstable and Horse News, aren’t exactly…. the best of the best in the fandom. They are pratically /mlp/ 2 and 3. I don’t think it’s a good idea to trust them.

      • In the case of TRS and HN our affiliation is more than just a simple exchange of e-mails and linking each other off the sites, at this point in the game we’re all just friends, brought together because we run those sites. I could easily include Equestria Daily if Seth did affiliations, but he took the smarter route that if you affiliate with one site, a flood of requests will come (when you’re at that popularity level). We do what we do cause we like doing it, provides people with a service for those who want it.

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      If that guy is who I think it is, he recently got banned from TRS for harrasing and threatening one of their forum members. Hence the post.

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    ….. That’s it. I’m out of here. If I have to choose I prefer Seth’s stupidity to the cruelty of the people that consider the first season the only good one and the others bad. Your negativity is really terrible.