Crewniverse Recap – 03 – Steven’s Lion

Well after saying that we’d attempt to get these out asap, we make that wait longer than usual.  This week we return with Crewniverse Recap that features the music and backgrounds from “Steven’s Lion”.  Additionally since the last recap the crew released some more storyboards to “Tiger Millionaire”.  Steven Universe is again on hiatus until February 17th @ 8:45pm est.

Recap after the break.

Storyboards (Tiger Millionaire)

A selection of Character designs from the Steven Universe episode: “Tiger Millionaire”

Art Direction Kevin Dart

Lead Character Designer Danny Hynes

Character Designer Colin Howard

Color Tiffany Ford

Color Assist Jasmin Lai



A selection of Backgrounds from the Steven Universe episode: “Steven’s Lion”

Art Direction: Kevin Dart, Elle Michalka

Design: Emily Walus, Steven Sugar, Sam Bosma

Paint: Amanda Winterstein, Jasmin Lai


Music by Aivi & Surasshu

“Lion’s Theme” from Steven’s Lion.

The little bell and shaker sounds are sampled from the various cat toys that Aivi owns! We tried to capture something both majestic and cute at the same time, a reflection of Lion’s mysterious and super-fluffy pink nature.

Composed by Aivi & Surasshu
Strings performed by Jeff Ball


“Desert Glass” from Steven’s Lion.

For this “boss battle,” we called back 2 themes from earlier in Steven’s Lion: the desert glass theme and Lion’s theme.

Composed by Aivi & Surasshu
Strings performed by Jeff Ball


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