Announcement: Steven Drawniverse Art Challenge And Compendium Starts Monday

Drawn by Empyu

Hello there, animation fans! On Monday, March 23rd  we’re gonna try something new for the Steven side of our site, though those of you who are familiar with the pony side may already know what this is about. For those who aren’t, here’s a [email protected] after the break:

What is the Steven Drawniverse Challenge and Compendium?

The Steven Drawniverse Challenge and Compendium is a two part event; a weekly art challenge and a general weekly image compilation. First, the art challenge. Every Monday at 9PM central standard time, I will be putting up a post containing what I’d like artists to draw. The artists will then have 24 hours to draw the subject of Monday’s post, with submissions ending on Tuesday. The results will be posted on Wednesday. As for the compendium, I will be accepting general artwork of anything Steven Universe related during that week to be posted on Wednesday. The artwork does not have to be related to the art challenge theme, though it should be artwork that has been drawn recently.

Where can I submit my artwork?

You can submit your artwork to [email protected] . I’ll post a reminder in each of the theme posts on Monday.

What should my email say?

If you are sending in artwork for the challenge, you should put “Drawniverse Challenge” somewhere in the email title. As for compendium emails, if you are not the artists who drew the artwork you’re sending in, please provide a source for us to link to the original artist.

What kind of content are you accepting?

We will not be posting graphic content of any kind. This will be be based entirely on my judgement. Keep things PG, guys.

Will you be sourcing my artwork for the challenge?

I would highly suggest putting the name of your DA/tumblr/artblog on the submission itself (the picture heading this article is a good example). Sending a link in the email is also acceptable, but the former method is preferred as it’s far easier on me. If you do neither of these methods, the submission will be posted without a source. If something gets posted without a source and you’d like me to source it, send me an email and I’ll try to fix it.

Will this be every week?

I’m gonna try for it. It’ll depend on how interested people are in this content. This is a bit of an experiment for us, so we’ll see how things turn out.

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