SU Review: “Same Old World”


The episode begins with Peridot telling the story of how she and Steven stopped the Cluster, when Steven goes to check on Lapis. She’s still recovering from being fused with Jasper all this time. The Crystal Gems are heading back to Beach City, though Peridot will stay in the barn.

When Steven goes back to check on Lapis, she is awake and starts to fly away. Steven lets her, but it turns out she has nowhere to go.

Steven and Lapis then go on a flying adventure over the East Coast. (I guess Jersey is still Jersey on this show.) Then they come over the Galaxy Warp where Lapis gives her backstory. She was just visiting when she was stuck in the middle of the batter between the rebellion and the Homeworld Gems, and was poofed and trapped in the mirror. She was abandoned when the Homeworld Gems fled and was stuck in the mirror until Pearl picked up the mirror.

Lapis eventually decides to stay on Earth by the barn, which will set up the next episode with her and Peridot since there’s still some issues between those two.

It’s nice to see Lapis returning, though this episode is mainly a setup for the rest of the “In Too Deep” arc, starting with “Barn Mates,” next Thursday. Just as well since we see Lion and then we don’t, so we’ll likely see him come into play later as well.

This is a case where it might’ve been better to see “Barn Mates” this week, but Cartoon Network usually shows us one new 11-minute episode at a time with its other shows, so onward!

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Lapis returns
  • +  Lapis backstory
  • +  A tour of the East Coast
  • –  Episode exists as setup for the next episode.



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