Um, what was the point of this episode? Are the writers trying to make Ronaldo even less popular than Lars? After Ronaldo is given a reality check in his hunt for “rock people” (since Steven is half-rock), Ronaldo wants to become a Crystal Gem himself. Steven tries to humor him, but Ronaldo spends most of the episode telling Steven how he is doing things wrong.

So yes, Ronaldo is a self-absorbed (take your pick of two words that rhyme with brick). This was just an awkward episode from start to finish. It is in Steven’s nature to see the best in everyone including people like Lars and Ronaldo. And yes, Steven has lashed out at Lars before (“Lars and the Cool Kids”) and does the same here with Ronaldo. Yet, they are still jerks and Ronaldo is doubly so here. Ronaldo calls himself “Jerknaldo” towards the end of the episode after the way he treated Steven, but you would be justified if you yelled at your TV or digital device, “THANKS, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!”

This was simply a terrible episode featuring an uninteresting character who comes off as even more of a jerk than he was previously.



  • Raffaele Lanza

    Wow. I don’t watch Steven Universe (yet) but man by the sound of your review this should have been one of the worst pieces of animation in the entire history. I haven’t seen you so negative toward something since that LPS episode where the characters acted like idiots for the sake of the story.

    Don’t expect I’m gonna watch this episode when I’m gonna start watching this show. XD

  • Graem

    I’ll say this about the episode: It’s the first one in a while that, at the very least, didn’t provide a bizarre tonal confusion.

  • Anonymous

    It’s an F in my book. Any Ronaldo or Onion episode is ultimately doomed for complete rejection. Steven Universe did a lot of good decisions on the development and integration of characters but these two are the worst. In my opinion both are on the same level as Jar-Jar.