SU Review: “Onion Gang”


Steven and Onion were hanging out on a Summer’s Day—one of the last before the Fall, apparently. Then, Onion takes Steven into the woods to see that Onion has a secret set of friends. One of them, Garbanzo, speaks like a Pokemon and has a baby named Pinto. There is also Squash and Soup. They have some really dark humor like faking a death from a soap box accident and sneaking up on people to take photos.

Things get out of hand though when they have a bug race. Steven’s bug wins, but they apparently want him to kill it. Steven refuses and goes back. However, it turns out he is lonely and not Onion because Connie, Petey, and others are off doing other things right now. Then, it turns out Onion’s friends only come by in Summer and since Summer is ending, they are going away. But Onion still has Steven for the whole year in Beach City.

Frankly, I’m not sure what this episode accomplishes other than Onion has friends similar to him. They have as dark a sense of humor as he does. Onion can be creepy at times, but people do like him. Steven is trying to be his friend when he isn’t creeped out by him. It is a sweet episode for Onion if only to show that he does have friends besides Steven.



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