SU Review: Message Received & Log Date 7 15 2

Well, that was absorbing! Steven catches Peridot with the object she retrieved from the Moon which is a communicator to the Diamonds because she still thinks the original plan to turn Earth in a gem colony is good—and that she’s loyal to Yellow Diamond. Steven feels betrayed and angry. Peridot escapes from the truck she was in and tries to get away. Amethyst turns into a helicopter with Pearl, Garnet, and Steven as passengers and knocks Peridot down.

Peridot manages to communicate to Yellow Diamond, but suddenly finds herself unable to rat out the Crystal Gems and then tells off Yellow Diamond after the latter doesn’t give a toss about Earth and the former dare suggesting the Cluster be destroyed. This message has self-destructed.

And Steven is now overjoyed with a very frazzled Peridot.

The good is that we get to see Yellow Diamond for the first time and, yes, she is the big boss bad on the show. Peridot goes from hesitant face, to heel, back to hesitant face again in 11 minutes. The shock value from Peridot and the action is the high point. The low point is that some of the art looks very off-putting. Plus, there was a moral somewhere that some people do not deserve the patience Steven has shown in believing in Peridot (as he does everyone), but then Peridot has her change of heart.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  A Yellow Diamond appears!
  • +  Peridot having a change of heart (if after another change of heart)
  • +  Action sequence
  • –  Motive for destroying Earth still unclear
  • –  Lesson gets offset by Peridot second change of heart




Log Date 7 15 2


After telling off Yellow Diamond and calling her a “clod,” Peridot is having a bit of a meltdown as she enters a log on her tape recorder given to her by Steven. Garnet comes to calm Peridot down and Steven takes a listen to the tape recorder (Peridot insisted on giving it back). In the logs, Peridot explores some of the stuff that Earth has to offer like jokes, learning what creatures can fly and cannot (via pushing Greg off the roof), binge watching, shipping, and head canon. Peridot appears to excel in the in the last two after seeing one of Steven’s shows.

We have seen Peridot spend time with Pearl (“Back to the Barn”) and Amethyst (“Too Far”) and understand what they are about, but she still has some trouble with Garnet (“the fusion”). She is also spooked when Pearl and Amethyst fuse to form Opal to finish a task. Peridot starts to make an attempt to understand Garnet when stargazing for a few seconds and makes an attempt to fuse with Garnet. Peridot ultimately gets cold feet and backs out, but makes some progress. Oh, and Garnet knew Steven would be curious to find out via audio diary. Thumbs up!

This was by far the funniest of the five “Steven Bomb 4 episodes.” Peridot was comedy gold in this one—especially when she goes on about how one ship is the best on Steven’s show, which Steven fast forwards to hilarity. Plus, Garnet was spectacular by being patient with Peridot while she’s with the Gems. It turns out she’s been as patient (most of the time) with Peridot as much as Steven. It also closes out a triology of episodes where Peridot spends time with one of the Gems in a great way.

There is only one nitpick, and a minor one, but Garnet might have been too suggestive when she offered to fuse with Peridot. But the episode is funny enough, I’ll look past that.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Peridot
  • +  All scenes with Garnet
  • +  Shipping according to Peridot!
  • +  Humor



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