I still think MLP has the best music among cartoons on the air, but Steven Universe runs a close second. Rock is in the background as Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven go on a road trip to a rock concert. Pearl tries to show her “edgy” side and does she ever! Part of the distraction is a human woman who has a hairdo similar to Rose. Pearl also runs a red light, speeds, and evades a cop on a car chase.

Amethyst is the wingman and Steven is the Voice of Reason on this trip. They do get to the concert given by Mike Krol and Pearl meets the girl. Despite an awkward conversation, the mystery girl give Pearl her phone number which evidently is in Western Maryland given the 301 area code.

The sequence where Pearl is fleeing from the police set to classic rock music is done very well and the background music is very fitting. Pearl showing an “edgy” side might even set up future episodes as well. Amethyst and Steven play their roles well here as they and Pearl work well together. Steven Universe has officially become the edgiest cartoon not on Adult Swim or FX.



  • Anonymous

    Pleeeeeaaaase… The Amazing World of Gumball is 1000 times edgier than Steven Universe.