SU Review: “It Could’ve Been Great”

This episode begins with the Crystal Gems taking a break from building the drill and Peridot taking exception. Steven explains that “working hard is important, but feeling good is important, too.” Cue a song and Peridot joining in because the main story of this episode doesn’t really start until the fourth minute. The drill still requires the exact coordinates of the Cluster, so they travel by Lion warp to the Moon where a diamond base has that information.

In the base, they see pictures of both Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond who are the heads of Homeworld and any existing gem colonies. The find what they are looking for, but the mood sours when Peridot shows the planning for turning Earth into a Gem Colony. Peridot only sees that not having a colony on Earth allowed the Cluster to take shape. The Gems state that Rose Quartz believed that all life was worth protecting, including those on Earth. And the episode ends with a sequel hook.

So we get more information and background as to the motives of the Homeworld Gems and what they were trying to accomplish and how all of that struck a nerve with the Crystal Gems. It does well to set up the remainder of both the Steven Bomb and, by extension, the rest of the season. It appears the main arc is starting to take shape.

Pluses and Minuses:
+  Setup for future of the season.
+  More Homeworld Background



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