SU Review: “Future Boy Zoltron”


Mr. Smiley is bringing back his old Zoltron fortune-telling machine and Steven accidentally breaks it—or put it out of its misery depending on your point of view. So to pay his debts, Steven fills in as Zoltron. He does a well enough job until he comes across a depressed soul named Mr. Frowny. He appears to have no answer for him until Garnet gives him a dose of her future vision to continue the plot.

It turns out that Mr. Frowny that Mr. Smiley’s former comedy partner and hasn’t seen Mr. Smiely for awhile. Mr. Smiley finally catches up to him and redid their routine finally getting a laugh from Mr. Frowny.

Now, this was a good episode with a fun twist and some good comedy. However, this is an episode that might have been better at 22 minutes than 11 because you can only tell so much of a story in 11 minutes. Plus, Garnet coming in to give Steven a dose of her future vision powers is a bit plot convenient, though it does work for Smiley and Frowny if only for fans wishing to know a little more backstory for the former. Still it’s a good episode, though one of the biggest handicaps once again ends up being its run time.



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