SU Review: “Cry for Help”


Welcome to Steven Bomb 3. As a reminder, since the episodes are normally 11 minutes in length, they will be scored based on a scale of 0 to 5.

The episode begins with Steven and Amethyst watching “Crying Breakfast Friends” when Peridot interrupts the feed calling for help from Yellow Diamond. Peridot has rebuilt the communications hub from “Coach Steven.” Sugilite (Garnet/Amethyst fusion) destroyed it last time, but Garnet decides to bench her because they could get carried away. So Garnet fuses with Pearl, who couldn’t be more excited, and create Sardonyx to destroy the hub. And there was much rejoicing except for Amethyst. To be honest, Sardonyx turns out to be quite the personality.

However, the interference returns the next day and so does Sardonyx. Amethyst sings her first solo (“Better Off With Her”) expressing her sadness that she can’t be with Garnet because fusing with her makes her stronger. When interference occurs for a third time, Steven and Amethyst try to take care of things themselves. They see a green flash thinking it may be Peridot, but are shocked to find out it’s Pearl rebuilding the hub using Peridot’s escape pod. She’s only doing it so she be with Sardonyx with Garnet.

When Pearl is forced to confess this after what Garnet thinks is interference for the fourth time, absent her future vision, Garnet is furious. She accuses Pearl of distracting the team for selfish needs by rebuilding the hub so they could destroy for “victories.” Sugilite returns to destroy the tower.  Back at the house, Garnet is giving Pearl the silent treatment while Amethyst ends with the quote, “Man, it sure would be nice if things worked out the way they do in cartoons,” to which Steven agrees.

Once again, this episode leaves us with more questions. What has gotten into Pearl? She appeared so obsessed with being with Rose and now with Garnet? In truth, both Pearl’s and Amethyst’s reason for wanting to fuse with Garnet is to feel powerful.

Outside of that, this episode runs the gamut of emotions and all in 11 minutes, but it’s confusion that the viewer will leave with and hopefully more will be explained as the Steven Bomb goes forward. I don’t have a problem with the downer ending, but how it got there leaves questions to be asked.

Pluses and Minuses:
+ Sardonyx is lively
+ Amethyst song
– Pearl’s motives are confusing

SCORE:  4/5

By the way, the Ratings Report for Steven Bomb 3 will not occur until all five episodes have aired, so the report will come a week from Tuesday.


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