SU Review: “Buddy’s Book”


Steven and Connie go to the library—the former for the first time which Steven discovers a blank book that turns out to be the journal of William Dewey’s first mate—Buddy Budwick. So both Steven and Connie envision him as Jamie and certain strangers as the Crystal Gems. When Buddy visits the Kindergarten, he meets Amethyst who tells him to go to the sandcastle.
Fearing he’ll never see it, he begins to write his last entry until Rose and seven lions show up. Buddy is brooding that he has not discovered anything, not even the sandcastle, but Rose points out that he has journaled everything and should consider bring an author. And that’s how the Budwick Library was made!

This is a lot like “Garnet’s World” which is really a standalone episode. This one is a stand alone as well (until proven otherwise). A lot of this episode requires suspension of disbelief, but on its own, it’s an OK, yet tedious, episode.



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