SU Review: “Barn Mates”


So Steven will try to get Peridot and Lapis to co-exist in the barn. Unfortunately, Lapis wants nothing to do with her former interrogator and takes up residence atop the silo. Steven and Peridot try to give her a card (not the most sincere), a gift ( a bad reminder of Lapis being imprisoned in the ocean for months), even Peri’s tape recorder (doesn’t want her ‘garbage’), but nothing doing. Lapis just wants Peridot to leave, which she does until a Homeworld tracker starts to track down Peridot.

Lapis waterbends to knock down the tracker to save Peridot—creating a thaw in relations marked by Peridot smiling and Lapis blushing. The Crystal Gems arrive just in time to see a Ruby popping out of the tracker. To be continued…..

The more I follow this “In Too Deep” arc, the more I actually feel that this would be better served in “Steven Bomb” format, or even show all five parts in a 75-minute bloc, because that’s how it’s shaping up.

While there are good moments between Lapis and Peridot with Steven as the intermediary since it is not going to be easy forgetting the past, this episode really comes off as a fragment and it’s trying to tell a five-part story 11 minutes at a time, and showing part three thru five a week apart kind of disrupts the flow a bit as opposed to running them each day.

It’s still a good episode, but comes off as a fragment since it will be one week before we see the final 11-minute installment of this arc with “Hit the Diamond”.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Peridot and Lapis interaction
  • –  Episode comes off as fragment



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