A few more previews, trailers and whatnot falling out of San Diego Comic Con yesterday.  But first if you missed the Wander Over Yonder Season 2 Trailer, it has reappeared.  We posted about it two days ago but the YouTube account set the video to private.  Probably was a mistake.  Season 2 starts on August 3rd.

In the Gravity Falls camp, we haven’t heard too much outside of an upcoming Nintendo 3DS Game.  The serious has currently been in a mid-season hiatus, leaving off with “Not What He Seems” which aired all the way back on March 9th and left the show on a cliffhanger.  The series returns this Monday with “A Tale Of Two Stans” airing on Disney XD.

Behind the page break we have some Steven Universe cam-rips from SDCC.  Spoilers ahoy.

And again we are going to warn you of spoilers, though that has never been a big thing with our SU posts (compared to equines).

An extremely extended version of the show’s Theme Song, I say extreme as it goes beyond the full song sang by Steven in the original pilot.  We also see at least the outline of a certain unseen Diamond (sure doesn’t look like Onion).

And last we get to see Sardonyx and what exactly that is if you have not already guessed.  I know the one theory I read was about Jasper and Peridot due to the color of the actual gem (in the real world) and such, and well, nope.

That is all for now, if you find something else we haven’t covered here, feel free to toss it into the submission box.

  • RandomFan

    Lapidot forever
    (peridot x lapis lazuli)

  • Silver Hoof

    giant woman

  • Silver Hoof

    what scares me is that i think Yellow Diamond has no arms
    that’s my theory i was doing some research

    theme song 2:41

    on the right is yellow diamond shes has no arms


  • Silver Hoof

    Sardonyx clip HD