Steven Returns in May

It was previously understood that the next set of SU episodes would be hitting the air in June. It looks like plans have changed, as according to Cartoon Network’s tumblr (and twitter), we’ll get to see them a month earlier, in May.

UPDATE: has revealed more details–rather than another “bomb,” two episodes will kick off the 4-week “In Too Deep” event with one new episode for the three following Thursdays. CN also has a trailer for the event, watch it after the break.

Editor’s note: Since we haven’t talked too much about SU, we’d like to bring up the announcement about the series being renewed for a Season 3 and 4. While still true, the series was actually only renewed for another full season. Season 2 was originally slated as the typical 52 episode season but ended up being split in half. So Season 2 stands as half a season, and the other 26 episodes are now Season 3. Obviously this change was probably due to the dramatic shift in the storyline. Long story short, things are about to get DBZ serious. -DS

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