So, how did Uncle Grandpa’s appearance on Steven Universe turn out? Almost drew more than Teen Titans Go! on the night! “Say Uncle” drew an estimated 1.926 million viewers on Thursday night. It is the highest number since Season Two premiered though it was just shy of the Titans’ 1.954M on the night for Cartoon Network.

It is too early to compute averages for Steven this early into Season Two since we are four episodes in (unless CN later declares that this was a Season One episode production-wise).

From a critical standpoint–and please note my opinion of this episode does not necessarily reflect those of anyone else at Derpy News–while it was not bad, in fact some parts were funny, it just seemed like a crossover for crossover’s sake. Nothing more. Nothing less. Indeed, Uncle Grandpa stated this was ‘non-canon,’ so we’ll just move on to “Story for Steven” which based on the synopsis is very much canon.

Ratings information for this report comes via Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily.


  • JodyMorgan

    While not a top-drawer SU episode, it was still a fun episode, IMHO, and while I’m not clamoring for a return of everyone’s uncle and grandpa I rather enjoyed it. Especially Pearl; I can tell the animators really enjoyed cutting loose with her.

    RIP, Pizza Steve (or at least in Amethyst’s digestive tract (RIADT?))