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The episode begins with the Mane Six sans Rarity racing to prevent the latter from getting her hooves on the newspaper worried that the J. Jonah Jameson of Manehattan would write a rotten review of Rarity’s new store based on their interviews with him. Rarity does have a newspaper and gets set to read the review. It starts with Rarity and her friends getting her new Manehattan store up and ready for tonight’s Grand Opening.

There are of course a few problems. The landlord forces her daughter (Plaid Stripes) on as an employee. Of course, she has the competency of Madison from Littlest Pet Shop. There are raccoons in the back room. The clothes sent in for display are disorganized. Coco Pommel is out with a bad cold. Plus, Vinyl Scratch (or DJ PON-3 if you prefer) has a residence on the floor she has a dance club.

So, Pinkie is assigned to get Vinyl to tone things down. Fluttershy is assigned to kindly tell the raccoons to leave. Applejack is assigned to be honest with Plaid Stripes and her ideas. Rainbow is Director of Pony Resources. And Twilight gets to organize the dresses much to her delight. But depite doing what they thought Rarity wanted them to do, things still go awry. So they decide to try things the best way they know how while Rarity is locked in the display window put the finishing touches on the mannequins since there’s already enough on her mind.

Amazingly, every is organized, the raccoons have a purpose, there’s a new boutique dance club, and Rainbow hired all three ponies she interviews since they know more about fashion than she does. Even Plaid Stripes has a purpose with her proposed spoon outfit. Oh, and the review was actually an excellent one after the problems.

By far this is the funniest episode of the season so far. I really enjoyed The Office type of interviewing by the reporter and the sometimes frankness of the characters when interviewing. There was an excellent reference to “Too Many Pinkie Pies” as well. The synopsis suggests a Rarity episode, and it is in a way, but her friends were more the focus in this one and the episode handled each situation very well. But it’s also a Rarity episode and those never fail in the first place.

The only down spot in this episode is the landlord. Not only does he sound a bit stereotypical-Italian, but he’s also a typical try to get her daughter a job even though she lacks the required competence-type. Honestly though, that’s the only true flaw of the episode and it’s another tremendous episode as Rarity adds another location to her fashion empire.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Humor
  • +  All of the Mane Six
  • +  The interviews
  • –  The landlord




610 – “Saddle Row & Rec”

Written by: Nick Confalone
When Rarity opens her flagship store in Manehattan, a tell-all article threatens to expose how badly her friends almost ruined the Grand Opening.

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Clip for “Saddle Rec & Row”

We have a clip for Saturday’s episode, via the My Little Pony Facebook page.

IDW Solicitations for August 2016


IDW has given us solicitations for the month of August. Check out what’s going to be happening in the My Little Pony comics after the break.

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Yesterday The Hollywood Reporter announced that two star actors, Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan) and Taye Diggs (Murder in the First) are joining the cast of renowned names in the MLP movie (along with already-slated Emily Blunt, Kristen Chenoweth, Uzo Aduba and Michael Pena). With this addition, it seems to imply that there will be more of a presence of male roles in the film than is the norm for Friendship is Magic.

The article also mentions that the movie is now slated for October 6th, 2017 as opposed to previous reports of Summer and November 3rd of 2017.

First of all, I do want to set things a bit clear with regards to MLP’s ratings for “Newbie Dash”. Yes, its viewership was at 190,000 last Saturday and that’s the low-water mark this season. Of course, some of the fandom look at those numbers and turn into the zebras from The Lion Guard. Lack of marketing from Discovery Family does not help in the slightest.

What’s also noteworthy here is the P18-49 rating (.09) which was in the top 150 among original cable programming. “Gauntlet of Fire” was not in the top 150 during it’s day. And as always, a significant percentage of the fandom view the show by means other than Discovery Family and are not included in those numbers. It’s simply more pronounced for this show than most others on television.

Next up for MLP is “Hearth’s Warming Tale” this last Saturday at 11:30am ET/10:30am CT on Discovery Family.

As for LPS, “Paint A Picture, It Lasts Longer” drew an estimated 107,000 viewers on Discovery Family  That’s puts the Season Four average at 140,238 after 21 episodes. The next one is the 100th episode, “Bake Boss” at noon ET/11am CT on Discovery Family.

On to Steven Universe after a four-month hiatus, Season Three is off to a flyer as the pairing of “Super Watermelon Island” and “Gem Drill” fused for the most-viewed toon on Thursday night. It drew an estimated 1.693 million on Cartoon Network, beating out ALVINNN! and the Chipmunks on Nickelodeon (1.594M) which aired 90 minutes earlier. Steven provided boosts for both Regular Show (1.402M) and Adventure Time (1.381M), both of which received their biggest numbers since last September for the former and January for the latter.

Next up is “Same Old World” on Thursday night at 7pm ET/6pm CT on Cartoon Network.

Ratings information for this report comes courtesy of Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily as measured by Nielsen Media Research.



Before you complain about a holiday episode in May, please keep in mind that scheduling of the show is controlled by Discovery Family. End of story. Now, onto the review.

It’s Hearth’s Warming Eve again (almost seven months after “Hearthbreakers” aired). The party this year is at Twilight’s Castle, but Starlight Glimmer is not quite in the mood. So, Twilight tells Starlight the story of “A Hearth’s Warming Tale”. In this fantasy sequence, Starlight plays the role of Snowflake Frost, who is the Scrooge of this story. She can’t stand Hearth’s Warming Eve and wants to do away with it via spell.

Of course, doing so might bring back the Windigos. The story pretty much follows the Dickens classic, but it has its twists that make it stand out. It even has its own version of Snape who’s even bigger a Scrooge than our main character in this story. This is where I’ll stop describing things because you simply have to see it to believe it. I was actually surprised at the pony they chose to be the Spirit of Hearth’s Warming to Come and the song that followed.

This the fourth musical episode in the series and the last two are two of the best episodes the series has had so far. This episode stands to be the best of the three Hearth’s Warming Eve episodes by a mile. The songs were wonderful, the effects were amazing, and it’s just full of good cheer (even though it’s May in our world). It’s simply a wonderful episode that hopefully will be played every Holiday season (and a soundtrack to follow on iTunes in the near future!).

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Music
  • +  The scenery and effects
  • +  Spirit of HW to Come
  • +  Just about everything