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SUN 110 – Steven’s Lion

Storyboard by Lamar Abrams & Aleth Romanillos
“Steven befriends a magical lion.”
Next Episode:  To Be Announced

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Ratings Corner: Steven Universe “Serious Steven”


From my understanding the ratings report for Steven Universe will be roughly a week behind due to the episode airing on Monday and how CN’s numbers are reported.  So next Saturday we should have the numbers for Tiger Millionaire.  And now for the report on Serious Steven via StatManDan.

Steven Universe came back after a six-week hiatus on January 13th, and it appears a significant number of people were either unaware of it, watching WWE RAW, or whatever. “Serious Steven” drew 1.347 million viewers and was 28th place among all programs on Cartoon Network from the week of January 13-19, 2014. Both viewership and placement are 2nd-lowest for the show this season. “Frybo” has both viewership and seasonal lows. Despite following new episodes ofAdventure Time and Regular Show (2nd and 1st on CN, respectively) on Monday night, the drop from Regular Show to Steven Universe was 34%

Steven Universe Season 1:
  • Episodes as of January 25th:  6
  • High:  1,861,000 (“Gem Glow”/”Laser Light Cannon”, 11/4/13)
  • Low:  1,286,000 (“Frybo”, 11/18/13)
  • Average Viewership:  1,582,000
  • Highest Placing:  4th (twice)
  • Lowest Placing:  35th
  • Average Placing: 15th

NOTE:  I originally had “Frybo” drawing 1.522 M viewers, but that proved to be erroneous. The correct figures for that episode are 1.286 M viewers and 35th place on CN. Averages have been adjusted to reflect the season so far. The next ratings report for Steven Universe will be for “Tiger Millionaire” which aired January 20th.


Crewniverse Recap – 02 – Tiger Millionaire

And so we shall call these articles Crewniverse Recaps, as all details can be found posted over the week after the episode via the crew’s tumblr, Steven Crewniverse.  This week’s episode of course was Tiger Millionaire featuring Amethyst and Steven as masked wrestlers in Beach City’s own underground federation.  They of course get into trouble with the rest of the Crystal Gems for abusing poor humans.

We are also looking for anyone generating art for Steven Universe, we’ve done some searches on ye old Deviant Art and come up with very little, but if you know any place people are sharing, feel free to hit up us in our submission box.

Hopefully these recaps will appear earlier in the week, but my schedule currently disallows for it.  This week’s upcoming episode is “Steven’s Lion”.  There are currently no new synopsis available (from what we’ve seen), so probable hiatus after this episode.

Crewniverse Recap behind the page break.

Storyboards by Raven Molisee

From Storyboard Artist Raven M. Molisee:

Lars’s traumatic Tiger Millionaire experience… in storyboard form!

Drawn by me!


FiM fans may remember Ms.Molisee from her time with DHX studio.  At the start of last summer she announced her departure for the show and Vancouver, Canada for a new job.

Backgrounds by Kevin Dart, Steven Sugar & Amanda Winterstein

A selection of Backgrounds from the Steven Universe episode: “Tiger Millionaire”

Art Direction: Kevin Dart

Design: Steven Sugar

Paint: Amanda Winterstein


Music by Aivi & Surasshu

“Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire” from Tiger Millionaire.

They’ll eat your kids and fire your parents! This is a slightly extended version of the montage song that plays in the middle of the episode.

Composed by Aivi & Surasshu


“Tiger Millionaire” Episode Guide


109 – “Tiger Millionaire”

Written by (tba)
“Steven joins an underground wrestling league with Amethyst.”

Production Tidbits
  • tba

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As mentioned in the Derp Guide, every week the crew over on the Steven Crewniverse Tumblr post random production images, such as background images, a few storyboards, or this week (I have not fully checked it out) the entire storyboard gallery for “Serious Steven”.  They’ve also included some of the music featured in the episode.  All can be found behind the page break.

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The Derp Guide to Steven Universe

Today we begin our coverage of Cartoon Network Studio’s Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar.  There will be multiple posts today for our Steven Universe section as the show is already on Episode 8 and we have a few things to catch up on.  I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this show when it first appeared, you can never tell by the promo commercials.  Watching a young chubby kid scream about how ice cream allows him to harness his powers or having cat like fingers doesn’t give you a good taste of the show.

I didn’t bother catching the premiere, my television set is typically tuned into Cartoon Network for most of the day.  An old habit from my earlier days watching Dragonball Z on Toonami, and then of course the birth of Adult Swim.  For the most part my TV acts as background noise while I surf the internet.  So I knew sooner or later I would see an episode or two.  Fast forward to a random Sunday where two episodes came on, “Frybo” followed by “Cat Fingers”.  Both episodes had hints on the promos, Steven screaming at his animated paints “That’s unusual!”.

Anyways, beyond the highest level of neckbearding on the internet, a long article about a show to kick off our coverage.  There are more details that could have been said and researched on, but there are only so many hours in the day.  For your consideration, Steven Universe.

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