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Ratings Report: Steven Universe “So Many Birthday”


“So Many Birthdays,” yet so many showings of Regular Show were ahead of it–22 to be exact. The March 3rd episode placed 55th, drawing 1.173 million viewers–both 2nd lowest this season. So after climbing the Cartoon Network ladder to the very top the previous week, it takes a chute down below the top 50. Teen Titans Go! finished in top spot this week for Cartoon Network leading a Wednesday night (March 5th) that had the top seven spots on the CN charts.

Steven Universe Season 1:
  • Episodes as of March 3rd: 11
  • High:  1,893,000 (“Giant Woman”, 2/24/14)
  • Low:  1,005,000 (“Arcade Mania”, 2/17/14)
  • Average Viewership:  1,512,818
  • Highest Placing:  1st (“Giant Woman”, 2/24/14)
  • Lowest Placing:  79th (“Arcade Mania”, 2/17/14)
  • Average Placing:  23.36

The next ratings report for Steven Universe will be for “Lars and the Cool Kids” which aired on March 10th.


From the lowest of lows to the highest of highs for Steven Universe, this week. “Giant Woman” was the most-watched show on Cartoon Network for the week of February 24th-March 2nd, as Son of the Bronx revealed. It drew 1.893 million viewers which is also a high for the show. What’s even more surprising is this was on a night where both Adventure Time and Regular Show airing new episodes. Before this, Steven usually was third behind CN’s power duo. This week, there was enough power in the gems to vault Steven to the top spot on the CN chart after the lowest of lows the previous week.

Steven Universe Season 1:
Episodes as of February 24th: 10
High: 1,893,000 (“Giant Woman”, 2/24/14)
Low: 1,005,000 (“Arcade Mania”, 2/17/14)
Average Viewership: 1,546,800
Highest Placing: 1st (“Giant Woman”, 2/24/14)
Lowest Placing: 79th (“Arcade Mania”, 2/17/14)
Average Placing: 20.2

The next ratings report for Steven Universe will be for “So Many Birthdays” which aired on March 3rd.

Crewniverse Recap #06


While our Crewniverse Recap last week was somewhat lacking, this week makes up with an extra large edition.  Over the past week the Crewniverse crew have posted a lot of production details from the previous two episodes, Arcade Mania & Giant Woman.  This includes the entire storyboard for Arcade Mania, and the songs from Giant Woman.

In other Steven Universe news, three new episodes have been announced for March.  Currently there seems to be no synopsis for them, just titles.

  • SUN 113 – So Many Birthdays (03/03/2014 @ 8pm est)
  • SUN 114 – Steven, Lars and the Cool Kids (03/10/2014 @ 8pm est)
  • SUN 115 – Onion Trade (03/17/2014 @ 8pm est)

We will have more information as it leaks out.  Your Crewniverse update behind the page break.

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Ratings Corner: “Arcade Mania”


This is a reminder that with the ratings reports, only the numbers for the first airing of the episode count. The three-week hiatus for Steven Universe did not do any wonders. On its premier showing on Presidents Day, “Arcade Mania” drew an abysmal 1.005 million viewers and placed in a tie for 79th place among all programming on Cartoon Network with a rerun from the following Saturday. Granted, the episode aired 45 minutes later than it usually does, but given that it followed Spider-Man (2nd), The Hall of Game Awards (7th), and a sneak peek of Clearance that night (64th); that’s still a disappointing figure. The most-watched airing of Steven Universe was on Friday night when it placed 45th at 1.168 millions viewers.

Steven Universe Season 1:
Episodes as of February 17th: 9
High: 1,861,000 (“Gem Glow”/”Laser Light Cannon”, 11/4/13)
Low: 1,005,000 (“Arcade Mania”, 2/17/14)
Average Viewership: 1,508,333
Highest Placing: 4th (twice)
Lowest Placing: 79th
Average Placing: 22.33

The next ratings report for Steven Universe will be for “Giant Woman” which aired on February 24th.


These data are based on statistics published by Son of the Bronx.


113 – “So Many Birthdays”

Written by Raven M. Molisee & Paul Villeco
“Steven learns that the Gems are thousands of years old and decides to make up for all the thousands of birthdays they’ve missed.”
DN Rating: TBA

On Demand (after the page break).

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by Schmorky

112 – “Giant Woman”

Written by Joe Johnston & Jeff Liu
“Steven urges Amethyst and Pearl to fuse together into a giant woman.”
DN Rating: TBA


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Crewniverse Recap – 05 – Arcade Mania


While there isn’t a new title on the horizon, Zap2It has a new episode listed for March 3rd @ 8pm.  We’ll post the synopsis once it appears on the radar.  For now, enjoy another edition of the Crewniverse Recap, after the page break.

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