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“Lion 2: The Movie” Episode Guide


117 – “Lion 2: The Movie”

Written by Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu
Steven and Connie try to ride Lion to a movie theater, but Lion has other ideas. 
DN Rating: TBA

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So how did Steven Universe on its new night? Not as good as it did on Monday. In fact, it’s the second-lowest for the show as “Steven the Sword Fighter” drew just 1.098 million viewers and placing 36th, and that is with Teen Titans Go! as its lead-in (which placed 12th at 1.269M viewers). Regular Show took five of the top six spots on the CN charts.
For as relatively strong as Teen Titans Go! has been for Cartoon Network, the early returns are that it is not as strong a lead-in compared to Adventure Time and Regular Show. Hiatuses of more than two weeks also aren’t helpful. We’ll see how “Lion 2: The Movie” fares on April 23rd.
Steven Universe Season 1:
Episodes as of April 19th: 14 
High:  1,893,000 (“Giant Woman”, 2/24/14)
Low:  1,005,000 (“Arcade Mania”, 2/17/14)
Average Viewership:  1,502,357
Highest Placing:  1st (“Giant Woman”, 2/24/14)
Lowest Placing:  79th (“Arcade Mania”, 2/17/14)
Average Placing:  22.36

Crewniverse Recap #09

From Storyboard Artist Katie Mitroff: Just realized I can now share some of the New Pearl drawings I’ve had harbored forever…. Here’s one!

From Storyboard Artist Katie Mitroff:
Just realized I can now share some of the New Pearl drawings I’ve had harbored forever…. Here’s one!

And thus as the week passes, another Crewniverse Recap.  For anyone who tuned in for Steven this week was welcomed by a Ninjago special (yay..).  It does make one ponder the choices CN makes due to the episode having just moved to Wednesdays.  Either way, next week is “Lion 2: The Movie” in which Steven and Amy (and lion) go off to the theater and hilarity ensues.  We’ll also be trying to snag some details from the Steven Universe Panel taking place this weekend at Wondercon Anaheim.  Enjoy.

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WonderCon 2014 Panel Schedule

BABSCon is only a few days away. However, if you cannot attend, WonderCon is taking place in Anaheim, CA the same weekend. Below is the panel schedule from My Little Pony to Steven Universe.  Read more →

“Steven the Sword Fighter” Episode Guide


116 – “Steven the Sword Fighter”

Written by Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu
“Pearl tries to teach Steven the art of sword-fighting using a holographic version of himself. “
DN Rating: TBA
Next Episode:  SUN 117 – Lion 2: The Movie (April 23rd 2014)*
  • The Derp Guide to Steven Universe

* Previous articles have reported the next episode as SUN 117 – “Coach Steven”, which was to air next Wednesday, April 16th.  While the List of Episodes on Wikipedia still claims this, Zap2it indicates that the next new episode will be “Lion 2: The Movie” on April 23rd.

On Derpmand

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Steven Universe is going to have a panel at WONDERCON ANAHEIM! Meet the cast and crew! Get some insight on the Universe of Steven! Make us uncomfortable in a Q&A session!

Friday, April 18th!

Steven Universe Panel At WonderCon!  Cast and Crew will be there on the panel!  Come check us out, Friday April 18th!



WeLoveFine – Steven Universe Design Contest


More news from the realm of Steven Universe.  It seems the folks have joined forces with familiar t-shirt maker WeLoveFine and are holding their first design contest.  Details from the Crewniverse gang below.

What’s all this about a WeLoveFine Steven Universe Design Contest???

Yes it is true. Cartoon Network is teaming up with WeLoveFine for a Steven Universe design contest. Submit original art for T-Shirt and Print ideas and you might win a prize! What could possibly go wrong?!

Submit now to the first ever Design Contest for Steven Universe, hosted by WeLoveFine. We know there are some super-talented fan artists who love this show out there, and we want to see your spectacular designs; the very best, as rated by your fellow fans, could reach our finalists and have a chance at winning up to $2,000 cash!  Or a prize chosen by our honored guest judges, series creator Rebecca Sugar; creative director Ian Jones-Quartey; and artist Steven Sugar, Rebecca’s brother and the real-life inspiration for Steven on the show!  The winners will also be made into official Steven Universe merchandise available here at WeLoveFine.

So polish up your gems, get your thinking caps on and capture the spirit of this fan-favorite show; good luck, everyone!

More details can be found from the “Contests” page on But hurry, you only have until April 29th to come up with an awesome design!