Most people probably assume that American made shows are released first in America, but at least when it comes to the world of animation studios and television networks, doesn’t always hold true.  Apparently the French branch of Cartoon Network went ahead and aired both Barn Mates & Hit the Diamond.  Like anything else popular on TV, there are of course people waiting to record it.  Thus, if you look around carefully, you’re bound to find it.

And as always, even if you’ve seen it before it airs, make sure to tune in to support the show (if you can).

Edit: And yet another episode has appeared online, Steven Floats.


  • Gosh darn, I only now watched these. I thought they were going to be in French, based on the title of the article… still, thanks for posting!

  • I didn’t want to get anything else spoiled for me (and mostly because couldn’t help myself) so I watched them… Barn Mates was excellent, Hit the Diamond was great. Steven Floats was more of a back-to-basics episode (kind of, there’s still some overarching plot development) but was still enjoyable.

    I’ve only watched them each one time though. Need to give them another viewing. And I’ll definitely be buying these on iTunes when they’re released.