Crewniverse Recap #06


While our Crewniverse Recap last week was somewhat lacking, this week makes up with an extra large edition.  Over the past week the Crewniverse crew have posted a lot of production details from the previous two episodes, Arcade Mania & Giant Woman.  This includes the entire storyboard for Arcade Mania, and the songs from Giant Woman.

In other Steven Universe news, three new episodes have been announced for March.  Currently there seems to be no synopsis for them, just titles.

  • SUN 113 – So Many Birthdays (03/03/2014 @ 8pm est)
  • SUN 114 – Steven, Lars and the Cool Kids (03/10/2014 @ 8pm est)
  • SUN 115 – Onion Trade (03/17/2014 @ 8pm est)

We will have more information as it leaks out.  Your Crewniverse update behind the page break.

Full Storyboard for ‘Arcade Mania’

Written and Storyboarded by Lamar AbramsAleth Romanillos, and Luke Weber

Storyboard Supervisor Kat Morris


Opal by storyboarder Joe Johnston


from Storyboard Artist Joe Johnston


Character, Props & Effects Design for Arcade Mania

A selection of Character, Prop and Effect designs from the Steven Universe episode: “Arcade Mania”

Art Direction: Kevin Dart

Lead Character Designer: Danny Hynes

Character Designer: Colin Howard

Prop Designer: Angie Wang

Color: Tiffany Ford

Color Assist: Jasmin Lai

[Source] [Source]



From character designer Colin Howard:



Art from Kevin Dart


From Art Director Kevin Dart:


This is a painting I did to explore the look of the Sky Spire in “Giant Woman” and I also used it later to test out an idea we had for the episode title cards before Rebecca decided to do the laundry hands idea.

The backgrounds for this episode were later beautifully designed & painted by Sam & Elle!

This is my favorite episode that I worked on! And it has my favorite song that Rebecca wrote! She even dedicated this live version to me at Comic Con last year!! ^O^


Backgrounds – Giant Woman

A selection of Backgrounds from the Steven Universe episode: “Giant Woman”

Art Direction: Kevin Dart

Design: Sam Bosma

Paint: Elle MichalkaJasmin Lai


Storyboard – GIANT WOMAN Dance

Some insight from Storyboard Artist Jeff Liu:

Here’s some timed out boards I did for Amethyst and Pearl’s fusion dance in Giant Woman! (I drew these almost a whole year ago!)

By the way, Amethyst isn’t twerking, she’s doing the stanky leg.


More Storyboards – GIANT WOMAN

From Storyboard Artist Joe Johnston:

Some storyboards and animation I did from ‘Giant Woman.’ For a long time this was my favorite episode my partner Jeff and I had worked on. It has since been eclipsed by more recent stuff we’ve done. This show keeps getting better and better, just you wait :)


Music – Opal by Aivi & Surasshu

“Opal” from Giant Woman.

When deciding how Pearl and Amethyst would sound as a single entity, we knew that her theme would be powerful and magnificent. We felt that Pearl’s influence would straighten out Amethyst’s normal swinging beat, and Amethyst’s influence would push Pearl’s classy piano towards a more wild playing style. The result is this giant “fusion” theme (in more than one way)!

Composed by Aivi & Surasshu
Strings performed by Jeff Ball


Music – Giant Woman by Rebecca Sugar

See the Tumblr Article for the song.

“Giant Woman” demo and chords from the Crewniverse’s fearless leader, show creator Rebecca Sugar:

Here’s my demo for Giant Woman!

And here are the chords—

F, G7, C, E7,

F, G7, Cmaj7, G7,

F, G7, C, E7,

F, G7, Cmaj7…


Em, G7, Cmaj7,


Em, G7, Cmaj7

F, G7, C, E7,

F, G7, Cmaj7, E7

F, G7, Cmaj7

My song for this episode is humbled by the presence of my absolute musical hero, the voice of Opal, Aimee Mann!!!

Thanks so much for watching!


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