And now for some more updates from the Crewniverse.  This week it has been some of the bits and pieces from the previous two new episodes, Steven’s Lion & Tiger Millionaire.  There was of course a couple of V-Day cards posted back on Friday.

Steven Universe returns tonight with “Arcade Mania” at 8:45pm EST on Cartoon Network.  Please check your local listings as so far the show has been on at 8pm, but according to Zap2it tonight’s episode is at 8:45.

Crewniverse Recap behind the page break.

Prop Designs – “Tiger Millionaire”

A selection of Prop designs from the Steven Universe episode: “Tiger Millionaire”

Art Direction Kevin Dart

Prop Design Angie Wang, Lily DeMayo

Color Tiffany Ford

Color Assist Jasmin Lai


Character & Props from “Steven’s Lion”

A selection of Character and Prop designs from the Steven Universe episode: “Steven’s Lion”

Art Direction Kevin Dart and Elle Michalka

Lead Character Designer Danny Hynes

Character Designer Colin Howard

Prop Designer Angie Wang

Color Tiffany Ford

Color Assist Jasmin Lai


V-Day Cards from the Crew
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