All But 2 Remaining Season 2 SU Episode Titles Revealed

It seems the remaining episode titles of SU Season 2 have been revealed via Cartoon Network’s own website.  You can find them here, keep clicking the “Show More” tab at the bottom of the list.  No synopsis or episode numbers are revealed.  With these titles it brings the episode count to 50, leaving the probable double episode season finale a mystery.  There is also a chance this information is wrong, though coming from CN’s own website, its probably legit.  The crewniverse or anyone official has neither confirmed nor denied them.  The following list does not include the known episode titles coming up when SU returns this September.

  • Same Old World
  • Hit the Diamond
  • Steven Floats
  • Too Short to Ride
  • Drop Beat Dad
  • Mr. Greg
  • The New Lars
  • Beach City Drift
  • Restaurant Wars
  • Kiki’s Pizza Service Delivery
  • Monster Reunion
  • Alone at Sea
  • Greg the Babysitter
  • Gem Hunt
  • Crack the Whip
  • Steven vs. Amethyst
  • Beta Part 1
  • Earthlings Part 2
  • Back 2 the Moon Part 3
  • Bubbled
  • The Kindergarten Kid
  • Gem Harvest
  • Know Your Fusion
  • Tiger Philanthropist
  • Last One Out of Beach City
  • TBA
  • TBA

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