Steven Universe – Diamond Days Episode Guide

526 – “Familiar”

Written by: Amber Cragg, Hilary Florido, Tom Herpich, Pen Ward
With many changes going on in his life, Steven tries to find his place in the world.

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527 – “Together Alone”

Written by: Lamar Abrams, Christine Liu, Tom Herpich
Steven throws a party to bring his family together.

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528 – “Escapism”

Written by: Joe Johnston, Adam Muto
Steven uses his psychic powers to find help.

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529—532 – “Change Your Mind”

Written by: Lamar Abrams, Miki Brewster, Amber Cragg, Hilary Florido, Joe Johnston, Ian Jones-Quartey, Christine Liu, Katie Mitroff, Kat Morris, Rebecca Sugar, Paul Villeco
Steven faces his biggest challenge yet.

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Steven Universe – Heart of the Crystal Gems Episode Guide


519 – “Now We’re Only Falling Apart”

Written by: Lamar Abrams, Christine Liu
Pearl tells a story.
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520 – “What’s Your Problem?”

Written by: Katie Mitroff, Paul Villeco
Amethyst convinces Steven to take a day off for himself.
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521 – “The Question”

Written by: Miki Brewster, Jeff Liu
Steven shows some city-slicker gems how the cowboys lived.
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522 – “Made of Honor”

Written by: Lamar Abrams, Christine Liu
Steven has a big surprise for the Crystal Gems.
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523 & 524 – “Reunited”

Written by: Miki Brewster, Jeff Liu, Katie Mitroff, Paul Villeco
Steven brings everyone together for a special reunion.
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SU Review: The Heart of the Crystal Gems

Sometimes you have to tear things apart before you rebuild. That happened to Garnet (Ruby and Sapphire) after the discovery that Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond in disguise and that she faked her shattering with the help of Pearl. It was Pink who didn’t want to destroy the Earth and started a rebellion as Rose—partly inspired by Garnet’s first fusion.

After Amethyst tells Steven that she refuses to unload millennia of her problems onto Steven while he is already dealing with his own feelings in a rare show of maturity in “What’s Your Problem?”, they find Ruby playing cowboy and enjoying her new solitary life—or so it seemed. She can’t stop thinking about Sapphire. Ruby then proposes to Sapphire and that they can be together when apart and can be Garnet when they want to.

Before the wedding, Steven decides to invite a special guest for the 150th episode—Bismuth. Steven convinces Bismuth that the Gems will welcome her with open arms and not attack because she tried to shatter Steven. Bismuth becomes the maid of honor and it’s time for a wedding (after a nice song by Steven).

Ruby and Sapphire become Garnet once again and the party is on before it gets interrupted by Yellow and Pink Diamond. They go after the Cluster, but the Cluster is in control of itself and it fights off Yellow. Meanwhile, Blue Diamond tries to stop everyone through her grief, but Garnet holds her long enough for Lapis to return and smash her with the barn. Joy is only temporary as the Diamonds regroup and unconvinced that Steven is Pink Diamond.

Steven is disembodied temporarily, but can enter people’s, gems’ and diamond’s minds and is finally able to convinced Yellow and Blue of the fake shattering. To be continued for the next arc…

This is by far the best of the Steven Bomb arcs. It basically shattered (no pun intended) the back stories of Rose and making the most of Ruby and Sapphire as individuals and as a couple. Amethyst finally tells Steven what he perhaps needed to be told in that he shouldn’t carry more crosses than need be. And yes, “Reunited” was epic (apart from the sudden ending).

In five episodes, this show is about to put the previous 146 in the past and start off on a new course for whatever is left of Season Five and for Season Six. Sometimes, you have to tear things apart before you rebuild. What has come out of this arc looks magnificent.

“Now We’re Only Falling Apart” B+
“What’s Your Problem” A-
“The Question” A+
“Made of Honor” A
“Reunited” A


SU Review: “Can’t Go Back” and “A Single Pale Rose”

Oh my goodness gracious! Was that ever a twist to everything! I’m certainly not talking about Lapis just going to the Moon Base. Let’s get that out of the way. At this point, she prefers flight to fight because she certainly is still traumatized by what happened to her and does not want to go through that again. At the same time, she cannot help but wonder about what’s going on on Earth. She warmed to the idea about returning, but after Steven told her about his Diamond dream, off Lapis goes again to parts unknown.

So Steven wants to talk to Pearl as she might have been the one to shatter Pink Diamond. Pearl remains mum, but sends her cell phone inside her pearl for Steven to fetch and it will lead him to the truth. We have to go to the fourth power inside Pearl’s pearl to find out the truth. There was no shattering. Pink Diamond had Pearl disguise herself as Rose to pretend to shatter Pink, so she could roam free as Rose on Earth. If you go back to “Jungle Moon,” you saw an insolent Pink having an argument with Yellow Diamond over why the former could not have an army or fleet. At some point, Pink became enthralled with Earth and created a false story about Rose.

This is the series’ ultimate wham episode. It only leaves us asking more questions that won’t be answered until Summertime. We saw how Blue and Yellow reacted to Pink’s “shattering” in different ways. Now we’ll see how everyone reacts to this twist in the tale. In the preview after the second episode, at least one gem is not taking it well.

GRADE (both episodes): A-


Steven Universe 517 & 518 – Can’t Go Back; A Single Pale Rose

517 – “Can’t Go Back”

Written by: Miki Brewster, Jeff Liu
Ronaldo spots something mysterious on the moon; Steven goes to investigate.

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518 – “A Single Pale Rose”

Written by: Amber Cragg; Hilary Florido
Steven helps Pearl find her phone.

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